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Sahasra Kalasha Abhisheka

Maha-Kumbabhisheka Seva

Ekantha Seva

Once in 12 years, the utsavar Deities of Sri Radha Krishnachandra receive Their grandest abhishekam. These 1008 kalashas contain water from various holy places, and the other very auspicious items as described in the scriptures. Sponsor a kalasha in your name on this very special occasion.

This is the only time when the mulavar Deities at our main temple hall receive a full abhishekam. You can be an esteemed sponsor of this very grand abhisheka. Sponsor a kalasha in your name now.

For the first time ever at ISKCON Bangalore, Radha Krishnachandra will be offered Ekantha Seva. They will be gently swung in a silver jhula and accompanied by Sangeetha Seva. Be a part of this seva and participate in-person for the event.

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Annadana Seva

Gau Seva

Srinivasa Govinda Maha-abhisheka

Sponsor the distribution of prasadam on this auspicious day in the name of your family or loved ones.

Serve Mother Cow by sponsoring for her feeding and care on this auspicious occasion

Sponsor the auspicious items to be offered during this special abhisheka.

Prahlada Narasimha Maha-abhisheka

Vishesha Yajaman

Abhisheka Yajaman

Sponsor the auspicious items to be offered during this special abhisheka.

Sponsor a kalasha for Kumbhabhisheka, along with sankalpa for yajna and Annadana on your name

Sponsor a kalasha each for the 1008 kalasha abhisheka (21st Apr), Srinivasa Govinda Abhisheka (26 Apr) and Prahlada Narasimha Abhisheka (27th Apr) in your name

Brahmotsava Yajaman

Yajna Sankalpa

Pushpalankara Seva

Become a yajaman for the special Brahmotsava Homas. As yajaman, sankalpa will be offered in your name every day for the homa.

We will perform sankalpa in your name as a yajaman for one Brahmotsava yajna


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During this festival, all the Deities will be decorated with fragrant and beautiful garlands. Sponsor these special garlands and be blessed.

(Sankalpa and Archana will be performed for you on your birthday)

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Importance of Kumbha-abhisheka

ISKCON Bangalore will celebrate Sri Kumbha-abhisheka from 21st April to 3rd May, 2024. In the year 1997, the Deities of Sri Radha Krishna Chandra, Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Srinivasa Govinda and Sri Prahlada Narasimha were installed in an elaborate pratishta ceremony based on the pancharatra agama shastras. The scriptures related to Deity worship recommend that once in twelve years after the prana pratishta of the Deity, the Jeernodharana Kumbha-abhisheka should be performed. The Brahmotsava in these respective years (every twelve years) is conducted in a grander way, similar to the inauguration year.

Silver jubilee of ISKCON Bangalore

In addition this year, ISKCON Bangalore will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary. The temple has undergone significant renovations and now welcomes visitors with a refreshed ambience. Various events in addition to the regular celebrations have been planned

On this very special occasion, offer a seva to the Lord.

We invite you to sponsor any of these sevas and participate in this rare and special event. You can offer a kalasha in your name, your family member's name, or become a yajaman for the Brahmotsava Homa. Receive the special Kumbha-abhisheka prasadam and yajna tilaka delivered to your home. May your seva to the Lord on this occasion bless you with eternal good fortune.